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What is your favorite operating system and why?

PostWysłany: 17 Gru 2009, 11:07
przez marryjohnson
For me, as a technician, having the user in mind, this is my idea, for being user friendly, and 90% of the world knows how to use, it's Windows XP. It's really great, easy management, and lots of programs can be installed! I installed Pro-magic on it so it can be restored to it's perfect settings everytime i open.

LINUX, for me its great for internet because it's immune to viruses and pop ups!, and using Wine (Windows Emulator) and XCrossover, i can istall some softwares for windows, (but not really needed when you have both in your system.)

so for me, i installed both in my system, i use windows for lots of jobs offline, i use linux for internet so i feel safe when visiting crack sites!